Criteria for Award of a Bursary by IOPTMH for Attendance
by low income WCPT member countries at the IOPTMH Conference

Qualifying Criteria for Applicants

Decision EC-Meeting May 2019 Geneva


  1. The award is open to all physiotherapists and physiotherapy students interested in the topic physiotherapy and mental health working or studying in low income Member Countries of WCPT wishing to attend a Biennial IOPTMH Conference. To determine if you come from a low-income country follow this link to WCPT website. https://www.wcpt.org/wcpt2019/registration/categories1.

  2. The award is intended as a contribution towards registration fees and travel expenses incurred in the course of attending the IOPTMH Biennial Conference, up to a maximum of 500 euro.

  3. The EC of the IOPTMH place four bursaries at their disposal for each IOPTMH Conference. The EC is not obligated to award 4 bursaries.

  4. Applicants should submit a CV and letter of motivation to attend the conference by 31st December 2019.
    All correspondence should be emailed to Secretary of the IOPTMH joanne.connaughton@nd.edu.au.

  5. The winner of the award will be announced within 10 working days of the closing date of the applications.

  6. The successful applicant will be expected to submit to the IOPTMH a brief written report of no more than 1,000 words of the IOPTMH Conference.

  7. The anticipated costs, which must be supported by third party evidence wherever possible, will be subject to approval by the IOPTMH. Payment of the award (by bank transfer) will be made in advance of the conference (within four weeks of award confirmation) by the treasurer.

  8. The decision of the IOPTMH is final and communication with unsuccessful applicants will not be entered into.

  9. The award must be refunded if the individual fails to attend the meeting for reasons not outside their control.